Heaven Mix 2016


Hello folks. It has been a while indeed.

Given it is Easter this weekend and everyone’s thoughts are generally on a place called heaven here is a bit of a mix for you to contemplate where this place actually is.


Track Listing:

01 Airline to Heaven [Billy Bragg and Wilco]

02 Heaven [Ebo Taylor]

03 Fucking In Heaven [Fat Boy Slim

04 Heaven Was a Drink of Wine [Merle Haggard]

05 Seventh Heaven [L.Subramaniam]

06 Heaven [Talking Heads]

07 Life’s Railway To Heaven [Patsy Cline]

08 Heaven[Deliverance Echoes]

09 Halfway to Heaven[Conway Twitty]

10 My Blue Heaven [Frank Sinatra]

11 Walk Around Heaven All Day [Jackson Southernaires]

12 Beams Of Heaven [Don Byron]

13 Heaven and Hell [William Onyeabor]

14 Heaven Blues [Lucinda Williams]

15 All The Heaven A Man Really Needs [Joe Tex]

16 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door [Bob Dylan]

17 Heavenless [Don Drummond and the Skatalites]

18 There’s Destruction In That Land (Message From Heaven) [Rev. Gary Davis]

19 Too Much Heaven [Bee Gees]

20 I Am In The Heavenly Way [Bukka White]


ps. track numbering will differ in the file. apologies in advance.


One thought on “Heaven Mix 2016

  1. Welcome back! I was delighted to receive your E-mail and have downloaded all of the compilations posted. I’m looking forward to listening to all of them and am thrilled that you will post new music that will be as eclectic as that on Washerman’s Dog.


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