Mose Allison Mixtape


They keep falling like bowling pins. This one really hurts. I named my first born after Mose Allison.  For a fuller appreciation of his legacy visit my other blog.

For now, revel in the magic of his music.

Track Listing:

01 Everybody Cryin’ Mercy

02 If You Only Knew (Live)

03 Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

04 Cruise Control

05 It’s Crazy

06 I Don’t Want Much

07 Parchman Farm

08 What Will It Be

09 Dinner On the Ground

10 Middle Class White Boy (Live)

11 If You Live

12 Stranger in Paradise

13 I Love the Life I live (Live)

14 Stroll

15 Eyesight To The Blind

16 Foolkiller

17 You Call it Joggin’

18 Mule

19 Gimcracks and Gewgaws

20 Seventh Son

21 Ever Since the World Ended

22 Mojo Woman

23 Ask Me Nice

24 Back Country Suite Blues (aka Young Man Blues)




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