Funk Mixtape


Funk. You can’t define it. But you know it when you feel it.


Track Listing:

01 Good Time (Bye Bye Mr Dynamite) [Uptown Funk Empire]

02 Kenia [Mombasa]

03 Rien Ne Va Plus [Funk Factory]

04 I Feel The Earth Move [Ivan Boogaloo Jones]

05 Big Jim [The Three Souls]

06 Game Is My Middle Name [Betty Davis]

07 Latin Goes To Ska [The Skatalites]

08 Ain’t it Funky Now [Taj Mahal]

09 My Babe [Ramsay Lewis Trio]

10 NT [Kool and the Gang]

14 That’s The Way Love Is (Duet With Johnnie Taylor) [Mavis Staples]

15 A Natural Woman [Buddy Terry]

16 Do Something for Yourself [Weldon Irvine]

17 Give Me Your love [Curtis Mayfield]

18 Heart ‘N Soul [Booker T. Averhart]

19 Bonita, I Wanna Love You Like I Need Ya [Pimps of Joytime]

20 Who’s Gonna Help Brother Get Further [Lee Dorsey]

21 Run Rudie Run [Lee ‘King’ Perry & the Gaylads]

22 It Ain’t No Fun To Me [Al Green]

23 Ain’t We Funkin’ Now [The Brothers Johnson]

24 She’s A Brick House [The Commodores]

25 Fug [Cymande]

27 King Tim III. [The Fatback Band]



4 thoughts on “Funk Mixtape

  1. Hi, where did you find the Kool & the Gang track – it’s a great track but I can’t find any ref to BT in their discography.


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