Alternative Hymnal (for sceptics)


How to get to heaven. What to do when you get there.

Track Listing:

01 Go Tell It On The Mountain [Bob Marley]

02 God’s Gonna Cut You Down [Odetta]

03 The Lord Will Make A Way. [Mighty Sam Mc Clain]

04 Consideration [Don Byron]

05 King of Kings [Prince Buster All-Stars]

06 Jesus Is Using Me [Five Singing Stars with Tommy Ellison]

07 Jesus Will Fix It for You [Jesse Mae Hemphill]

08 Fun In The Church [Nat Adderley]

09 Walk Around Heaven All Day [Jackson Southernaires]

10 Wrapped Up in Jesus [Rev. Charlie Jackson]

11 Operator Operator [Sister Wynona Carr]

12 Feed Me Jesus [Swan Silvertones]

13 Don’t Drive Your Mama Away [Shirley Ceasar]

14 Jesus Christ [Paul Ngozi]

15 Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel [Paul Robeson]

16 If We Never Needed The Lord Before (We Sure Do Need Him Now) [Mahalia Jackson]

17 Pass Me Not Oh Gentle Savior [Bob Dylan]

18 Redemption [Johnny Cash]

19 My Last Two Tens [Porter Wagoner]

20 Sinner Man [Bob Marley]

21 Heaven In My Heart [Vusi Mahlasela]

22 Stand By Me [Sister Mathews]

24 Haunts Of Ancient Peace [Van Morrison]



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